We are happy to announce the availability of an added important tool. There is a Suggestion Box now available in the Admin block.  It is considered the most democratic installation an organisation can have. It also offers its users the benefit of anonymity; ensuring that the message rather than the messenger is pursued. The reason for it being transparent is to send the message across that it is checked regularly not just for show (and in no way meant to become a birdhouse).

The Suggestion Box is for ü The Suggestion Box is not for û
·         Suggestions

·         Feedback

·         Innovative ideas

·         Complaints

·         Messages concerning pupils, parents or staff

·         Making appointments

·         Birds to nest


Please be aware that there is a separate Complaints Policy available for you to express your concerns. The Suggestion Box is for obtaining your feedback, innovations and suggestions in order to help us to improve our services. We request our pupils, parents and staff to fully understand the use of the Suggestion Box.