Communicating with the teacher

It is quicker and easier. All classes communicate through ClassDojo and emails. Parents MUST check their messages and their child’s homework assignment (especially with younger children). This is sent via the digital messenger. Parents are able to communicate individually and privately with the teacher if there are any matters of concern. Digital communication means that you are assured of access to the teacher and are able to get a quick reply. The teachers will explain the protocols to you at the Parent’s Information Meeting during the first term.

Protocols when visiting the school
Parents may find it necessary to visit the school during school times. The following are the correct protocols when this happens:-

Visiting teachers
This is a school where parents are welcome to visit the teachers provided the teacher has advance warning so please phone the Headmasters PA in advance to see if the teacher is available. Parents are expected to first report to the secretary who will inform the teacher. Parents will wait in the reception area until the respective teacher collects them for the interview or visit.
Apart from the first day of each term or any other special day, please do not go straight to the classroom for any reason.

Visiting the Head of Department
Parents who wish to see the Head of Department should either send a Dojo/Email message of make an appointment at the reception.

Visiting the Headmaster
Parents who wish to see the Headmaster should make an appointment with his PA.

Arrival at school
Teachers will be in their classrooms from 7:30am. Children wait outside the classrooms until they are invited in by the teachers. Parents are requested to ensure that their children are at school by 8:00am. Late-comers disrupt the programme which is unfair to those who are on time.