Arriving late for school

There are always times when things happen that make us late for an appointment. This is just one of those things that happen in life. The courteous thing to do would be to phone ahead and explain that you are late and what your expected time of arrival would be. 

Our school starts at 8:00am in the morning. We allow children in the classrooms from 7:30am. Our teaching staff has to be at school by 7:20am. First thing in the morning is an important learning and settling in time for the children. Teachers need to be engaged with the pupils. When children arrive late it disrupts the class. I am sure as a parent you would object to your child’s learning being continually interrupted by others.

An appeal is made to all parents to make arrangement to have their children at school before 8:00am in the morning. If you are aware of traffic issues, please arrange to leave home a little earlier.

What to do if you are unexpectedly held up:

       Phone the school and explain the problem

       Send a ClassDojo message to the teacher

       The teacher will be informed and will be prepared to receive your child with minimum disruption

       Please bring your child in and hand him or her over to the Headmaster’s PA.

To make sure all children get to their lessons despite being late, the following is the procedure:

 ·         If a child is late he/she will go to the Admin Office.
·         He/she will receive a Tardiness Card, which he/she will give to the teacher.
·         The Admin office will be monitoring the lateness record.

 It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their children arrive at school on time. Lateness can disrupt the learning of others and can result in a pupil feeling greater stress and achieving poorer outcomes.

We therefore urge you to please make sure your children arrive to school on time in order to avoid missing the crucial introduction of their important lessons. We are also grateful to those parents who do ensure that their children always arrive on time.